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All benchmarks run on GitHub Actions using the ubuntu-latest matrix. Various metrics are measured by the following applications:


The CPU intensive benchmark measures how much time it takes to calculate all the prime numbers under a certain value without blocking the UI and reporting how many have been found so far using web workers.

Execution Time

How much time in total it takes to initialize the application and wait for the DOMContentLoaded event. This uses hyperfine under the hood and runs 3 warm-up sequence first, then 10 sequences to calculate the average execution time.

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Binary Size

All binaries are compiled in release mode.

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Memory Usage

Uses mprof to get the max memory usage during execution. Smaller is better.

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Thread Count

How many threads the application uses. Smaller is better.

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Syscall Count

How many total syscalls are performed when executing a given application. Smaller is better.

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